Studia Psychologica

Studia Psychologica nr 8/2008

Studia Psychologica nr 8 / 2008


Guest Editors: Hubert J.M. Hermans, Agnieszka Hermans-Konopka

  • Hubert J.M. Hermans, Agnieszka Hermans-Konopka: Dialogical Self Theory: Introduction to the Special Issue
  • John Barresi: Black and White Like Me
  • Angela Uchoa Branco, Ana Luiza Branco, Ana Flavia Maduriera: Self-Development and the Emergence of New I-Positions: Emotions and Self-Dynamics
  • Thorsten Giesser: Me, My Prey and I: Embodiment and Empathy in the Dialogical Self of a Siberian Hunter
  • Shinichi Mizokami: Self-Definitions and a Whole Identity. Formation of Self-Definitions in Specific Domains Leads in the Postmodern Age to a Whole Identity Formation
  • Tania Zittoun: Sign the Gap: Dialogical Self in Disrupted Times
  • Catarina Rosa, Miguel Goncalves: Dialogical Self and Close Relationships: Looking for Ambivalences
  • Tomasz Rowiński: Virtual Self in Dysfunctional Internet Use
  • Annet te Lindert, Hubert Korzilius: Exploring Acculturation Experiences and Cultural Dialogues among Iranian Refugees in the Netherlands by Means of the Self-Confrontation Method
  • Peter Raggatt: Interaction of Personal and Social Positioning in the Formation of the Dialogical Self: A Study of Australian Adults
  • Maria Lyra, Marie-Cecile Bertau: Dialogical Practices as Basis of the Self
  • Jaap Bos, Peter Zomer: Humorous Learning. Dialogical Uses of Humor in Training Situations
  • Ewa Trzebińska, Anna Gabińska: Inner Multiplicity and Mental Health: A Soundness of Internal Voices
  • Henryk Gasiul: Determinants of Organization of Dialogical Self - Personalistic Perspective
  • Deepika Sharma, Brady Wagoner: Coconut Culture and Jekyll-and-Hyde: A Study of Self Dynamics among Second Generation British-Asians


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